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Better Details for the Proper Web Design

Of course, the sites of competitors and colleagues in the niche can and should be watched, sometimes it is perfectly permissible to adopt the ideas or ideas. But it is important not to lose your own concept, business vision and analyze what is applicable to you and what is not.

Below we gave 5 recommendations that will help to intelligently design a new structure of the site and its pages, without becoming dependent on what you saw from competitors.

  1. Clearly identify who your target user is. Immediately everyone can not like

Let’s say you have quite expensive products, the main advantage of which is quality and durability. Accordingly, the main character you will have a person with a wealth above the average, who appreciates the quality and is willing to pay for it the appropriate price. From texas Web Design now you will be able to have the best deals and that also within your budget.

A person with low incomes is not your target user and you should not expect that you will be equally interested in these two different types of customers.In the future, properly selected character will help you correctly place the accents, highlight your advantages and, as a result, maximally satisfy your visitor. Trying to chase two hares is always fatal. For example, when selling a phone, you cannot focus on the price and technical characteristics, they are clearly not the main ones, but the photo should be really high-quality.

If it is a budget smartphone, the price and description should be clearly visible:

Trying to apply the ideas of the site to your own niche can lead to serious mistakes.

Work according to plan, not “running ahead”

It is necessary to move from more global solutions to smaller details. First you need to understand:

  • business features
  • target audience
  • what information do you want to inform the user first

What information will you focus on?

Specific interface solutions, “beautiful lines” and a well-chosen color scheme this is the detail. Do not get distracted by this at the beginning of the work. Otherwise, you will come up with an original background color, making a lot of mistakes in the structure of the site or its navigation.At the first stage of design, you generally cannot look at competitors’ sites or analyze only global issues like the structure. Better focus on your unique trading offer and business features. odoo erp

This once again shows the importance of a proper evaluation of the target audience, an understanding of their motivation and desires. If you have done a good job at this stage, then many problems can be avoided, and the analysis of competitors will not cause a lot of questions.