Valentine’s Day is the day for love, romance and most importantly, depression. Anyway, rather than give you tips on what to wear I’d thought I’d give you some advice on how to wear the colour of Valentine’s day. I haven’t entirely restricted this purely to ‘red’, simply because there are other shades that you can get away with while still looking like you’ve made that extra valentines effort.

Before we jump in, I’d like to make one thing clear. What ever final outfit you choose to wear, even if it isn’t within the ‘red’ theme, please pleasepleasemake an effort. Here’s why: A girl (99% of the time) will always prefer a guy who dresses well to one that doesn’t. And if she knows nothing about you, it’s going to work even more in your favour. Assumptions will be flying around in her head, some will sound a little like this: “If he cares about his appearance he obviously cares about how I perceive him, which means he is thinking about me. YAY!” (maybe not the yay bit, but you catch my drift). It creates interest and curiosity, plus it will make your date feel even more special. NO girl wants to be the one who’s with the ‘tramp’. Other couples will inevitably be around you so getting a few looks from other females while they are on their date will only make YOUR date feel more special.

So now you understand that you can’t be rivalling Onslow aesthetically, we can press on…


Valentine’s Day is the day for love and romance, and as mentioned in the intro, we said it’s good to outdress your partner and stand out. However, it has to be done tastefully. We don’t care how many coloured skinny jeans are on trend, it’s not an acceptable way to impress your partner. Ronald McDonald covers his face because he is stuck with those shitty red trousers. He’ll never be loved. Ever.

Keep your trousers or bottoms in neutral shades such as grey/blue/black and leave the romantic shades for your upper half or accessories.


If you choose to take your date to a classy spot and you don’t want to make too much of a bold a statement, then you can always give burgundy a go. It’s still keeping within the theme and is suited to the more formal wardrobe. You can even wear a burgundy blazer and get away with it.


We will keep repeating this until you understand. Accessories are SO important. And for those of you who aren’t feeling too adventurous, you can sneak in your red shades subtly through these pieces…

Ties are the most obvious choices, however, for those looking to change up their look a little, why not try a cravat or a scarf? If those don’t do the trick, then a pocket square or hat certainly will. If you’ve mastered the art of co-ordinating then you’ll even be able to pull of red belts with ease. You may feel that these little things will go unnoticed. But for women, it’s second nature and will automatically pop up on their radar.

Like man’s innate ability to direct their eyes towards women’s breasts, women are compelled to notice when men make an effort with their attire…especially if the colour used is the colour of love, passion, sex and…I’ll shut up now.


Layering is an art and once mastered, is an extremely powerful tool. It’s even more useful in our unpredictable British weather. If you’re one of the lucky ones whose date for the night has organised the evenings events for you, than layering will come in extremely handy. It’ll prepare you for a wealth of varying surroundings. Having extra layers allows you to take them off when required or keep them on when it doesn’t, and accessorize. Red outfits are often complimented by a good pair of specs, such as Tom Ford or Oliver Peoples glasses.So, whether you’re ice skating in Hyde Park or salsa dancing in Camden, you’ll always be prepared.


Right you’ve finally decided to go with it and wear some red or reddish shades. Here is our pick of shades that will assist you when putting your outfits together:


Grey is a neutral colour and always works well in highlighting other colours. If you’re in doubt, go with grey. As we said in the beginning, keep the red shades away from your lower half, stick with neutrals such as grey/charcoal or blue to set you off and build your outfit from there.


If you’re working with burgundy, remember it’s a really deep, muted tone. Burgundy ties go well with light blue shirts and navy blazers. They also work well with dark shades of green. If you want your shirt to represent your valentines spirit, then go with burgundy rather than red. It’s a better base and you can match it up with more blazer/tie combinations.


If pink is your choice, you must bags of self-confidence but take care to not look too feminine. Use pink in the lightest shade you can find, then combine other pastel colours such as lilac. Pink goes better with navy than it does with grey. So, if you haven’t got a pair of grey bottoms, then go with your blue jeans. Highlights of red work very well with a pink base, so dropping a few red accessories around will go down well. An easy combination to work with is blue bottoms, white shirt, pink top and red accessories.


There you go. Now go and propose. Stop ‘thinking’ whether she is ‘The One’ or not. The only way to find out is to dedicate the rest of your life to her and her ONLY. Forever.