Better Opportunities to Take Your Website To The Top

Website optimization plays an increasingly important role in bringing in new customers. Besides that people should be able to find your website easily, you also want people to perform desired actions on your site. What matters is that visitors find what they are looking for. A website visit alone is often not sufficient. How do you get visitors right where you want them? In this article we discuss 5 tips for website optimization.

Website optimization

Do keyword research

With website optimization, many people immediately think of search engine optimization. That is also true for a part. More visitors, and especially relevant visitors, ensure that there is more chance of lead generation, sales, etc. At the same time, there are also many cowboy stories about search engine optimization. Never trust agencies that guarantee your number 1 positions in Google. We can only approach the formula how Google determines positions. Google will never reveal the exact operation. In addition, Google is constantly reviewing and improving this formula to make the search engine results more relevant. Although it is of course always aimed at realizing as much benefit as possible with their own advertising system (Google AdWords). You can also take the help of the Citation Ranker now.

  • Search engine optimization is a structural process: you are constantly working on making improvements. A good starting point is a keyword search. With such a survey, you determine which keywords are important and relevant and at the same time have sufficient search volume. Then you start with these keywords. This must be done on-page (text elements on your site) as well as off-page (relevant links from other sites).
  • Want to know more about search engine optimization? Then have a free search engine scan run for your website.

Make good landing pages

With website optimization it is first of all important that you create good landing pages. A landing page is the page where a visitor arrives when he clicks on an advertisement. For example, this could be a link to an article on your website that a visitor found in Google’s organic search results.

It is very important that a visitor finds the landing page he was looking for in the first instance. If not, he will immediately leave the page again. And of course you do not want that. You want the visitor to read the page, click further and / or buy something. Or download. Or fill in. When you get started with website optimization, make sure that the landing pages meet the following requirements:

  • repeat the campaign message
  • keep it to one specific message
  • avoid too many (distracting) visuals
  • keep it short; stay above the fold and keep enough white space
  • ensure a fast loading time of the page
  • make sure the follow-up button stands out well
  • avoid long forms
  • Think of an intriguing message

In addition to these basic requirements, there are three other things to keep in mind when it comes to website optimization.

Fine Web Design Tricks Along With the SEO Options

Pagination, ie the distribution of content on different pages, poses great challenges for webmasters and SEOs. Pagination can lead to unwanted effects. There are already numerous solutions for multi-page texts and contributions. But what about multi-page home pages, blogs or category pages?

Pagination is not equal to pagination

First, a short excursion into already discussed solutions for pagination with multi-page texts. In each case, the basic idea is that an object or an article is distributed over several different pages and URLs. However, the individual parts belong to one unit. This one would like to tell Google, Bing and the other search engines. There are two proven ways of doing this: First, using the rel Canonical attribute, or second, using the rel = “next” or rel = “prev” attributes. The latter is quite well described in the official Google blog. Google also provides a detailed video about the solutions:

SEO for pagination on start pages and category pages

However, a very different problem arises for home pages and category pages that span multiple pages. Example: The start page of a blog contains a list of recent blog posts. However, there are more blog posts than can be viewed on the first page. The older contributions are available via pagination. Now you would like to have the following pages, which can be called by pagination, not in the index of the search engines – for the following reason: Because the start page then multiple indexed, and in the worst case for each pagination, duplicate Content. With the Affordable Web Design all these options are needed to be there.

One possible solution is to set the meta-robot tags before the pages are delivered to the browser so that only the first page is set to “index, follow” and the subsequent pages are set to “noindex, follow” . This is the cleanest solution in the case shown. This indexes only the first page. The links on the following pages will still be followed up.

Here’s an example of how to check the URL for a pagination parameter and how to set the robots tag accordingly. This solution is based on Joomla1.5 , but can be implemented in a similar way for other content management systems, unless they already bring a solution to the problem anyway. The changes shown must be inserted in the file html.php. This is located in the directory / libraries / joomla / document / html. The corresponding PHP code looks like this:


if ($paginierung> 0) {

$this->setMetaData(‘robots’, ‘noindex, follow’ );

} else {

$this->setMetaData(‘robots’, ‘index, follow’ );


Explanation: It checks to see if the URL parameter named “start” exists. This is used in Joomla for pagination. If this URL parameter is set, it is a next page, not the first page, and the attribute “noindex, follow” is set. Otherwise, “index, follow” is written.

Options for Opting For an SEO Contractor for You

Do you need an SEO contractor? And here not! You need a partner: a professional who understands the business and wants to take your company to a new level.If you are looking for a SEO or company just for work on the site, you just hire an artist, and a successful company is looking for a long-term partner.

And what’s the difference?

The performer does what he is told: increases traffic, improves positions, creates content. But do you need it? Traffic and positions do not necessarily increase the number of sales from the site, if a similar product from competitors is cheaper or they have steep bonuses.

A partner and a consultant will really help you. Together, you determine what hinders business growth, and set the right goal for promotion: improving the reputation of the company, increasing sales from the site, increasing customer loyalty. You have to opt for a Web Design that’s affordable.

When looking for an SEO contractor, remember that you are looking for a long-term partner.Here are a few tips for choosing an SEO company that will help increase profits from the site and get rid of other barriers to success.

Do “homework”

Before looking for a partner, analyze the state of the business and count the money under the mattress so that expectations and reality are not much different.


  • As much as you want and can spend – take into account that the first results on promotion will appear in 3-4 months, and investments will pay off not earlier than in a year;
  • What kind of result is needed – traffic, leads, reputation, brand recognition, sales from the site;
  • How much time you want to cooperate – if the budget is limited, try a basicoptimization , and when there will be finance, you will switch to long-term cooperation.

Do not refuse to meet with representatives of the company

Approach of the company

Tell experts what you want to achieve and how many resources you can invest. A good SEO-company will conduct an initial audit of the site before the meeting and tell you what hinders to increase profits from the site and how to achieve the goal with a budget for your budget;

Promises of sales managers

We picked up 12 phrases that a representative of a good SEO company would not say. Particularly watchful if you are guaranteed a result after certain time or cannot show a single case;

The situation in the office

It is important that the team had good working conditions. Imagine that the professionals on whom sales depend on your website work in a small, stuffy room. They do not think about how to optimize the site, but rather dream about how to quickly go to lunch, go home or even go to Baikal and live as a hermit, and that’s not it.

How to determine the professional SEO Company?

Small agencies under five employees are able to cover a maximum of 3 areas of appropriate quality in consultation and implementation. The broader an agency is set up, the greater the skepticism should be whether it can handle the area of ​​SEO really comprehensive and high quality. If you place great importance on on-page analysis then a certain proximity to technology or development is an advantage. If the focus is on off-page optimization, proximity to PR and marketing is an advantage.

Online reputation and appearance of SEO agency

There are already some service providers in the market who have ruined their online reputation by their way of working. Then how you will look for it? The proper way is to look for the best reviews, feedback and ratings in major search engines. To search for Best SEO Companies you at first need to determine your point of interests. If you are looking for simple business growth, looking for huge targeting audiences, looking for modern marketing, looking for the whole segments of SEO project or looking for true professionals, these key points will help you to understand that which sort of technical help you need, which sort of quality you need and which sort of professional help you need.

First impression is always the last one

The appearance of an agency is a matter of taste. Transparency on the website about the way of working is nevertheless very important. Good agencies are very open with information and discreetly point out their strengths. Some agencies tend to make them bigger than they are. This can be seen at a glance at the bottom to the team or employee. Even if these employees are external freelancers then you should communicate it that way. An omnipresence of trust-building elements such as customer voices, etc. may indicate an increased need to hide a guilty conscience.

Conclusion: Better you look for, the best you get

If you want to improve the Google ranking of your homepage, you have to optimize it for search engines. And this has been a proven fact. For the Google search engine, links are one of the top three rating criteria. Fill your website with sufficient links in text and pictures. However, do not build keywords in links when referring to the competition. Otherwise you will optimize the Google ranking of the competition and give yourself a disadvantage. Maintain both do follow and nofollow links. This will cause less traffic. Be careful not to link to any of the 3P (pills, porn, poker) sites. This is negatively chalked to your link profile. Likewise, you should be careful to place new links on a regular basis, as continuity plays a major role for Google.