Better Opportunities to Take Your Website To The Top

Website optimization plays an increasingly important role in bringing in new customers. Besides that people should be able to find your website easily, you also want people to perform desired actions on your site. What matters is that visitors find what they are looking for. A website visit alone is often not sufficient. How do you get visitors right where you want them? In this article we discuss 5 tips for website optimization.

Website optimization

Do keyword research

With website optimization, many people immediately think of search engine optimization. That is also true for a part. More visitors, and especially relevant visitors, ensure that there is more chance of lead generation, sales, etc. At the same time, there are also many cowboy stories about search engine optimization. Never trust agencies that guarantee your number 1 positions in Google. We can only approach the formula how Google determines positions. Google will never reveal the exact operation. In addition, Google is constantly reviewing and improving this formula to make the search engine results more relevant. Although it is of course always aimed at realizing as much benefit as possible with their own advertising system (Google AdWords). You can also take the help of the Citation Ranker now.

  • Search engine optimization is a structural process: you are constantly working on making improvements. A good starting point is a keyword search. With such a survey, you determine which keywords are important and relevant and at the same time have sufficient search volume. Then you start with these keywords. This must be done on-page (text elements on your site) as well as off-page (relevant links from other sites).
  • Want to know more about search engine optimization? Then have a free search engine scan run for your website.

Make good landing pages

With website optimization it is first of all important that you create good landing pages. A landing page is the page where a visitor arrives when he clicks on an advertisement. For example, this could be a link to an article on your website that a visitor found in Google’s organic search results.

It is very important that a visitor finds the landing page he was looking for in the first instance. If not, he will immediately leave the page again. And of course you do not want that. You want the visitor to read the page, click further and / or buy something. Or download. Or fill in. When you get started with website optimization, make sure that the landing pages meet the following requirements:

  • repeat the campaign message
  • keep it to one specific message
  • avoid too many (distracting) visuals
  • keep it short; stay above the fold and keep enough white space
  • ensure a fast loading time of the page
  • make sure the follow-up button stands out well
  • avoid long forms
  • Think of an intriguing message

In addition to these basic requirements, there are three other things to keep in mind when it comes to website optimization.

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